Delegated Management Company/AIFM

A turnkey framework for your investment fund in Luxembourg  

Outsourcing Management increasing Return

Setting up your own Management Company can be extremely resource-intensive, requiring time, manpower and knowledge of applicable regulations. Our rent-a-Management Company solution allows you to quickly establish a presence through which you can simply appoint LIS as dedicated alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) for your alternative investment vehicle, avoiding delays, cutting initial expenditure and increasing your return on investment.

How it Works

Advantages at a glance

Cost-effectiveReduction in expenditure concerning adherence with AIFMD compliance
Quick market entryNo heavy initial investments required. Infrastructure is already established and human resources available.
Single point of contactOne professional coordinator for all fund-related concerns
More time to manage Having your fund administered through our management company platform means clients can focus on core competencies: portfolio management and asset growth.

Our Service Models

Our delegated management company services are available on a full or partial outsourcing basis.

AIFM – Advisor Setup:

Both core functions of Portfolio Management and Risk Management are performed by LIS. Client acts as initiator and advisor for the fund.

AIFM – Manager Setup:

LIS takes over official role as AIF Manager. Portfolio Management function is delegated to external Investment Manager.



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Director Client Service Management
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James Kay-Hards

Director Ireland Branch
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